Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 2017-04-20

Is Wobbling Willy a joke or what?

Kind of, it is a novelty product. A perfect gift. The only selfie you will ever need. Mr Right. A stand-in. Your dream boy.

What material is the head made of?

Hand sculpted polymer clay. The clay is available in a certain color selection.

What material is the body made of?

100% body-safe silicone. It’s solid with smooth silky touch. Safe to use on your skin and inside your body.

It’s 245 grams of pure silicone! It reaches 19 centimeters.

Does the Willy vibrate?

No, it is 100% super low tech.

Does the head bobble like other Bobbleheads?

No. But actually with firm and distinct shaking the head will ”bobble” due to the elasticity of the silicone neck.

Is the head removable?

Yes, if you get tired of your "boyfriend" or for any other reason, you can order a new separate head and easily change it. Wobbling Willy is equipped with an in-our-dreams-patent-pending-plop-off-and-on-connexion-solution™. You will be given a promo code along with your Wobbling Willy that entitles you to purchase a head without a silicone body.

TIP: Keep this promo code for future use. You’ll never know.

Do you ship all over the world?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping!

What payment options are available?

PayPal account or credit card via PayPal. No PayPal account is required for credit card payment via PayPal.

What is your refund policy?

Since the head is custom-made and personalized according to your uploaded photos we are not able to offer any refunds. During the sculpting of your head we offer an interactive proofing process.

What is "proofing"?

During the sculpting of your head we offer an interactive proofing process that gives you the possibility to approve or leave feedback for changes on your head. You will receive an email with a link to a page where you can compare your original photo with the sculpted clay head.

100% satisfaction guarantee – we will make changes until you are satisfied. After approval the head is baked and cannot be changed further.

NOTE: The skin and hair color cannot be changed.

What is the estimated time of arrival?

1st proof w/o hair 7 days + 2nd proof w/ hair 3 days + requested changes 3 days/time + finalize and baking 3 days + assembling and packaging 2 days + shipping (e.g. Singapore 2 days) = 3-4 weeks

Can I make a Wobbling Willy of a famous person?

Generally we cannot make a Wobbling Willy of any person who profits from their own image, including but not limited to professional athletes, musicians and actors.