About Wobbling Willy

Wobbling Willy is a novelty product and a fully functional dildo with a twist, made of body-safe silicone. A perfect gift. The only selfie you will ever need. Mr Right. A stand-in. Your dream boy.
Its your personalized playful toy.

School Poster

The binomial name Wobbling Willy was coined by a Swede in the year of 2015. Wobbling Willy is a subspecies clone of Homo Sapiens and classified as the genus Dickus Erectus.

Head + Body = Wobbling Willy

Down to the basics... we sculpture the head out of clay to the likeness of the photo you send to us. A photo of a secret love. Yourself as a gift to an ex-girl/boyfriend. You're the one with the dreams and fantasies. Its then assembled with the Wobbling Willy silicone body.

You may think this is explicit, we call it sexplicit.